PDQ Physiotherapy Ltd
Sensible advice and treatment for musculoskeletal pain
07712 279 215
There are 3 clinics for your convenience in Middleton, Prestwich and Chorley.  To book an appointment you can call the clinic directly (ask for an appointment with Paul Quine) or call 07712 279 215 i you have an questions prior to making an appointment.  
  • Mobilisations & manipulation 
  • Sports massage
  • Exercise based therapy
  • Electrotherapy (Interferential, Ultrasound, Megapulse)
  • Acupuncture/Dry needling
  • Gait & biomechanical assessments
  • Movement analysis
  • Ergonomic assessments
The prices vary between clinics due to the varied running costs and services available
Middleton £35 for 30 minute appointment
Prestwich £38 for 30 minute appointment
Chorley £40 for 40 minute appointment