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You may be new to physiotherapy or attended other clinics in the past.  We feel familiarity with the assessment should help relieve any anxieties and make you feel more comortable with the process which in turn helps the exchange of information throughout the sessions. 
The first stage is gaining as much information about your injury as possible such as when and how it started? How does it affect you now? Your medical history will be required to be sure that the treatments used are suitable and to help gauge how long recovery will take. 
An assessment compares your presentation against 'normal' values such as range of movement, joint mobility, strength, neurological responses and ability to control movement.  As part of this it is necessary that you wear appropriate clothing.  Shorts and a vest/T-shirt are the most appropriate however undressing will be kept to a minimum and towels will be used to protect your dignity as required.   The injured area will need to be assessed for swelling, bone alignment, colour changes and temperature. 
This process helps to identify the source of your problem and treatment will be aimed directly to resolve the symptoms and set goals to monitor your progress.