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PDQ Physiotherapy is a company founded on providing service and meeting our clients' expectations alongside high quality evidence-based care.  Physiotherapy is unique in that a treatment cannot simply be given without engagement from the client.  We will therefore not dictate a treatment program but provide you with the knowledge required to build a treatment programme together. 
Often people attend a physiotherapy assessment without actually knowing what a physiotherapist does or how physiotherapy can help.  This is not a contradiction as it is widely accepted by GPs and insurance companies that physiotherapy is the conservative treatment option of choice when dealing with musculoskeletal symptoms.  It is likely that should you have a musculoskeletal problem we can help. 
Middleton - Middleton Foot Clinic, Long Street, M24 6UQ - 0161 653 5511
Prestwich - Prestwich Physiotherapy Clinic, Prestwich, M25 1LP - 0161 773 3034
Chorley - A6 Physiotherapy, Chorley, PR7 4A - 01257 230 140
Physiotherapy uses different modalaties to optimise your body's ability to heal.  Often movement or postural dysunctions are the reason for musculoskeletal pain, stiffness or reduced performance.  We will not only use treatments to help with our symptoms but correct the underlying problem and encourage self-management techniques so you are in control of the problem. 
                    What you eat and drink influences your recovery                    
from injury, health promotion is necessary to optimise
your rehabilitation